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First of all, you need a workout! Kim Kelly is a lifestyle and fitness expert in San Diego. She has many years experience in an array of diverse training disciplines. Consequently, Kim has developed a unique and powerful fitness regimen that focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT). At the heart of her workouts are a creative and systematic series of cardio, strength and abdominal exercises. Therefore, her workouts achieve full body results in short time frame. Kim’s greatest joy comes not only from seeing her clients achieve their fitness and health goals, but watching their self confidence grow as a result. Come join her at the fitness studio or sign up for online workout videos. Her belief that positive energy has both physical and emotional benefits is at the core of her mission to INSPIRE & MOTIVATE PEOPLE… while keeping it FUN. MORE





NOT ONLY DOES KIM KELLY KICK MY BUTT, she's also one of the coolest, most positive trainers I know. If you're looking to transform your body/life I highly recommend working out with Kim.

- Lauryn Evarts

LOVE...Kim's classes! She delivers a challenging, high impact, full body workout that leaves you feeling motivated, energized and stronger- not to mention LEANER, TIGHTER AND LOOKING YOUR BEST!

- Crystal Duncan

Without a doubt, Kim Kelly is ONE OF THE BEST INSTRUCTORS I have ever experienced. Not only does she demonstrate her passion, she strives to inspire her students to be the best they can be.

- Renn Plsek

She is super motivating and all of her classes are built to challenge you and TAKE YOUR BODY TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

- Angelica Lopez

Every class is different and always challenging. The music and energy are so much fun you barely notice you are dripping in sweat.

- Juliet Nolen