Welcome to Kim Kelly Fit! At our studio, you’ll find a wildly unique set of classes led by an incredibly gifted group of fitness professionals who have been hand selected for their talent and athletic diversity. Each class at the KKFit studio has been developed to target specific fitness and performance goal. With this in mind, we recommend exploring each of our distinct class offerings in order to enjoy an optimal and well-rounded fitness experience. After all, variety is the spice of life!

We provide water – Please bring your own container

20/20/20 (One Hour Class)

Full body boot-camp style class! This hour long format dedicates 20 minutes to chiseling the core, 20 minutes to strengthen the lower body, and 20 minutes to blast the upper body. Total body resistance training with intervals of cardio bursts, 20/20/20 is fast-paced and keeps the heart rate elevated while building strength and endurance!

4 O’Clock Fit

A fun low impact sculpt and strength workout perfect for beginners, athletes, or anyone looking to work together and build endurance. It’s never too early to start a healthy fitness habit, so grab your parent or a friend and get ready to sweat, connect, and learn new exercises with TRX bands, weights, plyometrics, and core training. All levels welcome: ages 14+.

Ballet Sculpt

Ballet Sculpt~Barre Fitness is inspired by dance, yoga and music! The class begins with basic, contemporary dance warm-up motions & Salute to the Sun variations, followed by an intense series of ballet-based training exercises at the barre and center. Cardio-based rhythms, light weights and resistance bands may be used through out the class to strengthen, with deep stretches interspersed for recovery. In Ballet Sculpt, one immerses in classical dance technique tailored to modern needs, developing musicality and coordination while promoting a lean, resilient body and glistening confidence. Sculpt muscles, burn fat, dance to the music, connect to femininity, maintain flexibility, consistently explore a new edge of challenge & endurance; great conditioning, low impact and accessible.

Beach Fit

Shaking up the traditional approach to Barre fitness! Beach Barre combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates style disciplines, utilizing a ballet barre to balance and strengthen. The difference here is the focus on isometric strength training combined higher repetitions and lighter handheld weights while elevating your heart rate. Building long and lean muscle definition, Beach Barre brings the burn!

Bootcamp at the Barre

Shaking up the traditional approach to Barre, this class combines barre movement with high intensity cardio intervals. Bootcamp at the barre utilizes light weights, isometrics and high repetitions while keeping the heart rate elevated with plyometric cardio bursts. Bootcamp at the barre builds long, lean muscles in a high calorie burning hour!

Booty Bootcamp

Get ready to switch it up and challenge your whole body! Combine the benefits of quick cardio bursts and abs with six to eight stations of strength training and booty shaping. You’ll get a kick-butt workout with similar metabolism soaring benefits as Fit Factor, but try out all the fun fitness equipment as you work through TRX, BOSU, Kettlebell, and other exercises to gain confidence and lift that booty.

Cardio Hip Hop Dance

45-minute nonstop cardio party featuring fun, easy-to-follow high-intensity dance cardio moves and toning for your core and glutes. Get ready to sweat, shake,
and smile! All you need is a pair of sneakers and an open mind.

Cardio Kick-Fit

Ready to get sweaty and shreddy?! This rapid fire class includes a killer mix of high-intensity cardio kickboxing and total body toning moves. You’ll get your heart rate up with some kick-butt kickboxing, torching calories with every punch! Then, we’ll shape and define your muscles with light weight resistance work, giving you a fierce, full body workout!

Drop & Give Me 50 (50 min. class)

Come and get it! Your lunch hour ass kickin’ that is. This fast paced workout will burn fat while building lean muscle through cardio and strength circuit training. Cardio, strength and ab exercises that give you the whole body workout you’ve been craving. Now there’s a “power lunch”!

Fit Factor

Signature Kim Kelly class. Expect energy power training with rockin’ music! Through the use of TRX bands, resistance training, and plyometrics, this workout will challenge your strength, endurance, and aerobic fitness! This is a signature Kim Kelly Fit Class! All levels welcome-let’s crush this!

Fit 45

Get ready to sweat, connect, and learn new exercises with TRX bands, weights, plyometrics, and core training all in 45 – 50 minutes. This full body workout will improve energy levels, build strength, and develop stronger endurance. Classes evolve so that no two workouts are ever the same, and you can stay motivated and encouraged in a fun group setting!

Fit Fusion

Fit Fusion is a variety of effective methods mixed into one balanced flow. 50 minutes on and off the mat driven by music!
You’ll focus on isometric and dynamic movements stemming from Lexi’s favorite ways to sweat – pilates, barre & cardio kick boxing.


FlowLIFT Fitness is the new mat-based, music-driven strength training workout using light ankle and hand weights. The pace of the class is up to each student, but everyone is encouraged to keep moving for the entire 45 minutes to improve endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

Run Club

Sweat and shine outside in the sun with a fun club of all level runners! Meet Kim Kelly at the studio and run on a mix of trails and roads throughout Del Mar with short stops for plyometrics and agility training. Connect with other runners and learn how cross-training ups your running game.

Tighten, Tone, and Toast

Celebrate your week and kick off your weekend with a low-impact interval training workout!  Get your heart rate up with cardio bursts, strength and stretches, followed by a brief recovery period. This class will also focus on agility, body weight training and balance. Once you’ve finished, Mix and mingle with the amazing KKFit community a glass of vino and healthy snacks!

Yoga Body Fusion

A mind/body work-out that combines the physical power of the body (cardio, balance & core work combined w/ the use of dumbbells, resistance bands, blocks, balls, and straps). Once you’ve worked up a sweat, this well rounded class balances you out with a yoga flow, focusing on uniting mind a body through breath, fluid movements, and meditation.