NOVEMBER 24, 2019

Lifestyles San Diego on Fox 5 features Kim Kelly Fit Studio at Del Mar Plaza. See the video here:

Fox Five Lifestyles San Diego Kim Kelly Fit 11-24-2019

FEBRUARY 18, 2019 By Stephanie Mansour

How to reduce knee and joint pain during a HIIT class

HIIT workouts involve a lot of jumping and Kim Kelly, personal trainer and HIIT instructor, says that “can pose a problem specifically when people push up off the ground and when they land.” And knees and joints take the brunt of the impact. “It’s absolutely okay to push yourself in any class, especially a HIIT type of class, but you should know the difference between ‘good pain’ and ‘bad pain,’” she adds. The good pain is when you feel the burn — as in your muscles are working. Bad, or dangerous, pain is when you hear something snap, pop, crack or feel a sharp pain. MORE

Kim Kelly at the Women’s Self Love Retreat
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JANUARY 14, 2019, BY 
Celebrity trainer opens studio in Del Mar – A local fitness guru has trained professional baseball players and NFL athletes and now she’s opened her own studio in Del Mar. Heather Lake went to Kim Kelly Fit Studio Monday morning to show off her new classes. See the video at Fox 5 News San Diego HERE and the entire broadcast on KKFit’s Youtube Channel HERE

JANUARY 1, 2019
Fitness expert Kim Kelly has recently opened Kim Kelly Fit in Del Mar Plaza, offering a range of classes that include vinyasa flow yoga for early birds and her signature Fit Factor class which works everything, along with Beach Bar, Booty Burn, and Drop & Give Me 50 (a 50-minute class during lunch hour). MORE

NOVEMBER 28, 2018
The Del Mar Plaza has announced the early December openings of Sea Biscuit Del Mar, a lifestyle boutique, and fitness studio Kim Kelly Fit. Del Mar Plaza’s new additions complement existing tenants, including Pacifica Del Mar and, Lorna Jane, Salon Republic, Il Fornaio, Banana Republic and Gary’s Studio. In February 2017, Brixton Capital purchased the plaza, putting the property under local ownership for the first time in nearly 20 years. The recent influx of trendy businesses since the new ownership has initiated the revitalization of the entire plaza. The two new tenants appeal to the plaza’s sophisticated, stylish and health conscious community…

“Not only does Kim Kelly kick my butt, she’s also one of the coolest, most positive trainers I know. If you’re looking to transform your body/life I highly recommend working out with Kim.”

– Lauryn Evarts

“Kim is the absolutely perfect person you want as your fitness instructor. She is fluent in so many different workout routines that no session is ever the same. And because she is so motivated, it keeps you motivated.”

– Kelly Foster

“She is super motivating and all of her classes are built to challenge you and take your body to the next level.”

– Angela Lopez

“Without a doubt, Kim Kelly is one of the best instructors I have ever experienced. Not only does she demonstrate her passion, she strives to inspire her students to be the best they can be.”

– Renn Plsek

“Love Kim’s classes! She delivers a challenging, high impact, full body workout that leaves you feeling motivated, energized and stronger- not to mention leaner, tighter and looking your best!”

– Crystal Duncan

“Every class is different and always challenging. The music and energy are so much fun you barely notice you are dripping in sweat.”

– Juliet Nolen